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Since 1981 DCL has been recognized as the industry standard for Dust Control and Bulk Loading Systems.  An innovative company with in-house research and development, creative designers, experienced engineers, and a state-of-the-art 80,000 square foot manufacturing facility.

We design, build and test the largest and most complex dust control and loading systems at our 80,000-square-foot manufacturing and warehousing facility.

Your one stop source to design, build and service bulk loading solutions.

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SmartLoader Vision System – Cement Loading

Our latest installation of a SmartLoader systemcinstalled at a South Carolina cement loading facility. Call 231-547-5600 to learn more about fully automatic, hands free truck loading.

DCL X32 Loading Spouts

Introducing the new dust free X32 Loading Spout by DCL for truck and railcar loading.  You can find out more about DCL’s dustless loadout systems here.

Loadout System – Colombia, South America

Complete cement terminal loading system. Loading spouts, positioners, dust collection, air slides, and other components. More on DCL complete system design here.

SmartLoader™ Automated Loading

The DCL SmartLoader™ allows for fully-automatic, hands-free truck loading. Find more detailed information about DCL’s SmartLoader™ Automated Loading here

Autohatch AH200

Easy to Install, Push Button Operation, Increased Safety, Eliminates Drivers on Top of Truck, Low Maintenance, No Conflict with Loading Spouts, Cost Effective. More information

Complete Loading System – Oklahoma

Product distribution on top of silos using gravity fed aeration conveyors and air slides. Throttle valves and flow control valves monitoring product flow.  More information…

Crosshair Alignment System – Colombia, South America

Driver is able to align truck trailer by using cross hairs on a video monitor. Virtually eliminates re-spotting of trailer hatch allowing for fast load times. More info at  https://dclinc.com/loadout-systems-railcar-truck-ship-barge

VMV Ventilation Module – Frac Sand

VMV cartridge dust collector module mounted above belt conveyor feeding frac sand. Detailed information on ventilation modules can be found at https://dclinc.com/aeration-equipment-bulk-material-loading

Truck Loadout System w/ Two Spouts – Cement

Ship Loading Spout – Grain – Kalma, Washington

Loading grain dust free into open ships using heavy duty ship loading spout with integrated cartridge dust collector. More information on DCL ship and barge loading – https://dclinc.com/loadout-systems-railcar-truck-ship-barge/

EV Loading Spout w/ Dual Direction Spout Positioner – Cement

DCL loading spout loading cement into enclosed trailer dust free. More information on truck loading systems can be found at – https://dclinc.com/loadout-systems-railcar-truck-ship-barge/

Articulating Positioning Arm w/ Loading Spout & Compact Filter Module

Allows complete truck loading without having to re-position the trailer dust free. More information on this type of loading spout positioner can be found at – https://dclinc.com/bulk-loading-spout-positioners/

Ship Loading Spout – Portland Cement

Loading aerated portland cement dust free into open barges.

Live Floor Dome Model Using Air Troughs

This model illustrates how properly zoned silo and dome floors can effectively discharge product. More application at – https://dclinc.com/aeration-equipment-bulk-material-loading/

Articulating Arm Spout Positioner – Cement

Loading cement into truck tankers dust free. Loading spout positioner integrated with SmartLoader Vision System allows truck to remain stationary while spout moves to open hatches. More information available at – https://dclinc.com/bulk-loading-spout-positioners/

Bag Fill Station

Load bulk bags dust free with DCL bag filling station. More information can be found at – https://dclinc.com/bag-drum-filling-bulk-solids/

Truck Loading System – Cement

Truck loadout station showing dust free loading spouts and dual direction spout postioner. This type of system is designed for loading trucks with trailers. More info can be found at – https://dclinc.com/loadout-systems-railcar-truck-ship-barge/

OV Loading Spout w/o Sleeve – Coal

Coal stacking loading spout without outer dust suppression sleeve. This model spout does not have a outer sleeve because the product has been sprayed with water before entering the spout to eliminate almost all of the dust. More info can be found at – https://dclinc.com/bulk-loading-spouts/


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