Dust Control and Loading Systems (DCL), Inc

Since 1981 DCL has been recognized as the industry standard for Dust Control and Bulk Loading Systems.  An innovative company with in-house research and development, creative designers, experienced engineers, and a state-of-the-art 80,000 square foot manufacturing facility.

We design, build and test the largest and most complex dust control and loading systems at our 80,000-square-foot manufacturing and warehousing facility.

Your one stop source to design, build and service bulk loading solutions.

Innovative Industry Leader

With our innovative research and development team, in-house designers, experienced engineers, and our state-of-the-art 80,000 square foot manufacturing facility, DCL offers a complete one-stop source to develop, build and service bulk loading solutions.

As an industry leader and corporate citizen, we remain firmly committed to the success and economic growth of our community and our state. With more than 78 employees at our northwestern Michigan manufacturing facility serving customers worldwide, we take seriously our role as one of Michigan’s business leaders.

Some of our innovations include the industry’s first:

  • full-length inner spout cone set
  • high-efficiency pleated, spun-bonded filters in a compact spout filter module
  • fully automatic hands-free truck loading system
  • low-horsepower silo aeration reclaim system for fine products
  • pedestal-style articulating loading arms to include automatic in-line tracking
  • telescopic air-slide ship loading boom
  • non-mechanical deadfall spout discharge for dust control of fine products in ship loading

research and development

With a full-time, in-house research and development staff and a dedicated testing lab, we are continually developing new, more efficient, and cost-effective solutions for dust control and dry bulk loading systems.

DCL spends a lot of time, effort, and money on research and development, testing new concepts in material handling. DCL has built equipment to handle the standard products, like cement, ash, and flour, and other innovative systems to handle more unusual things: rocket fuel, gunpowder, dried slaughterhouse blood, peanuts, cocoa beans, and chili peppers.


Dry Bulk Loading Systems and Environmental Compliance

Every industry has a responsibility to the environment. It also has environmental regulations. For nearly four decades, we have helped companies meet or exceed their local, state, and federal emissions standards.

Our dust collectors and filter modules include guaranteed emissions statements, providing you with all the information you’ll need for permitting.

DCL components and systems help companies achieve LEED® certification and other ‘green’ manufacturing status as well as ISO 14001 certification.


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The industry leader in dust control
and dry bulk loading systems since 1981.

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